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Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School Alumni Union

Message From the President

First of all, on behalf of the Union and all the alumni, I must express my deepest thanks to all of you, especially to our honorable Principal Mr Derek Yeung and our teachers, Mr. Raymond Chou, Ms Vivien Lau and Mr CP Chan, who have given us their generous support and guidance. Aristotle has a well-known quote: the root of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet. By now I understand exactly what it means. 10 years ago, I graduated from TSL, and now I am really pleased that I can be the president of our Alumni Union.

I still remember when I was in P.4, we got an exercise to plant some red bean. You know, plant a red bean into cotton then observed how it grew, which died soon after we finished the worksheet. What a common memory of us! But for me it's quite memorable as I have really grown and got some red beans from the exercise. Why so? Because I planted it in soil. For me that's the first time to harvest my own crops. I believe an alumni body is a great asset of a school. It records students’ developments and their achievements after they left school and entered to the other stages of their live. We, the Alumni Union, aim to unite alumni across the years, yet providing a platform where we can share and collaborate with each other. We encourage past students to contribute to our mother school in different ways. We treasure our memories at the school and wish to build the same for our fellow schoolmates.

Today we're standing here. It feels like we are the grown crops, not all teachers can see what's their outcome but all of them pay the price to plant. After all, the little beans you have planted on the past reach its time to harvest. It's our turn to commit to the school. The Alumni Union will continuously contribute to our alma mater in the foreseeable future. The Union is still young. It is true that the Union will naturally grow by size, but it is the alumni's commitment that could make it strong.

I can't tell how proud I have been your student, your influence within me doesn't decline but keep growing stronger from time to time. Am I the only one have this feeling? I don't think so. The Union draws us together, because once we were being served and it's the time for us to serve our junior, to pass on the good influence. By working along we become the nutrient for the new fruit, for the coming two years, and much further. Thank you!

Bianca Ho
President of the Union 2018-2020