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Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School Alumni Union

Message From the Principal

Our Alumni Union was formally registered in 2013-14.  Over the years, TSL has been enjoying a very strong sense of belonging among teachers, parents, students and alumni.   As a tradition, on the very first day of a new school year, crowds of alumni come back to their mother school to re-experience their old school days together, meet their teachers and connect with the current generation of students.

As our alumni grow up and get wiser, they become valuable assets to the School. In recent years, we appreciate their immense contributions in assisting to organize many school events, such as P1 Admission Exercise, Open Day as well as Annual Concert. Alumni are indeed our best ambassadors as they always demonstrate the uniqueness of a Camõesian wherever they go - study or work, here in Hong Kong or abroad.

Human connection is very important to personal growth and future development. Our Alumni Union commands your time and effort to develop and flourish. Whether you had spent your primary school life in the old campus in Cox Road, or in the current one in Yaumatei, we would like to hear from you and get to know how you are progressing. Therefore, we hope you will join the Union by completing and returning the enclosed membership form. The Union needs your active participation. We always welcome your suggestions and look forward to seeing you all back to school in the near future.

Our school theme for this year is “Into the Unknown - Building Resilience”. Resilience is the ability to cope when things go wrong. How to build your own resilience? Here are some tips:

Try to turn ourselves to be a better person, to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled, more productive, in better relationships with schoolmates, teachers, family, and even the nature, our environment too.

“Once a Camõesian. Always a Camõesian.”

Principal Derek Yeung